Tabbing through controls stops on password field


I was keyboard tabbing through the controls on the right-hand side of the form (Name, Url, Username, password, etc.). Once the 'password' field receives focus, further tabbing just re-focusses on the password control. Do you have some tricky code in the LostFocus handler of this textbox?
I am running Windows Vista, if it makes a difference. : )
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DrFerris wrote Jan 4, 2008 at 5:34 AM

I just had a look at your code, and the problem seems to be caused by the fact that you are altering the UseSystemPasswordChar property on the textbox within its own Leave/Enter handlers. A quick look at the call stack seems to indicate that this causes the underlying primitive control to be re-created.

Maybe you could swap between two separate textboxes (one that is visible while the user is entering the password, and one that is visible otherwise), instead of fiddling with the properties on one textbox?

alucard wrote Mar 17, 2008 at 1:17 AM

sory for the late reply. actually, i am not actively maintaining this project. i was curious to see how this project is going on, and so i thought i would pop in and have a look, and to my surprise, actually to find out that there are people issuing trackers :) ....

well.. thanks for your report.
i didn't realise that the textbox will be re-created as i change the usesystempasswordchar prop. back in the early development phase i would just notice some sort of flicker (perhaps some re-drawing stuff) and i didn't pay much attention to it. Also, i'm not a keyboard-shortcut oriented person, so i didn't thought of tabbing through the controls ...
i will fix that soon.

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alucard wrote Apr 20, 2008 at 9:37 AM

This issue is fixed by setting the UseSystemPasswordChar to false after a 50 millisecs timeout, which by then the cursor would have left the password text box.

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